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External Wall Insulation

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External Wall Insulation / Internal Wall Insulation

External Wall Insulation

  • Gives your homes exterior a brand new look
  • 45% of your homes heat is lost through a solid wall
  • Saves on average £45 for every £100 spent on heating
  • Helps reduce condensation problems
  • Improves the appearance of your home
  • Makes your home warm and cosy
  • Minimum disruption for the homeowner
  • Accredited Installers

Our External Wall Insulation Systems are designed to provide cost effective robust exterior coating for your home.

External wall insulation is one of the most effective ways of improving your homes energy performance and in the process your homes façade gets a complete makeover, turning tired run down exteriors into fresh modern looking homes. Older homes are often significantly improved to the high standard of new builds, both thermally and visually.

Insulating the outside of your property will give you a new weather proof layer that will protect you from penetrating damp for years to come, and should deal with any existing penetrating damp problems you may have had due to poor rendering or pointing. The insulation will also increase the temperature of the internal surface of the wall, making it less likely that you will get condensation problems.

To insulate a solid wall from the outside a layer fire retarded EPS insulation boards are fixed to the walls with mechanical fixings and adhesive. The boards are then covered with a polymer basecoat and reinforced with a layer of fiberglass mesh.

The system can be finished with a modern pre coloured silicone render or for a more traditional look you could choose a pebble dash finish.

Internal Wall Insulation

Internal wall insulation is usually a cheaper option than external insulation but can be a little more disruptive to home life as all the work is done inside your home.

There are two methods to installing internal wall insulation, stud wall and rigid insulation boards. In some cases you may need to combine the two.

Rigid Insulation Boards

Plasterboard backed with rigid insulation is fitted to the inside of your walls. The insulation is usually made from polystyrene and ranges from 60 to 100mm.

This option takes away less floor space than a stud wall but it does require a flatter surface.

Stud Wall

Stud wall insulation is thicker than rigid insulation boards, so it will reduce the size of your room more. But a stud wall is strong enough to hold heavy fittings such as kitchen units, radiators or wash basins. Insulation boards need fixings that go through them and into the wall behind.

The stud wall is installed using metal or wooden stud frame which is attached to the wall and filled with mineral wool.

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