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Silicone Render System

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Specialist Render System

  • Fully Reinforced System
  • Pinned / Anchored to the substrate
  • Polymer / Silicone Renders
  • Variety of Colours and Finishes
  • Machine Applicators
  • Perfect Finish

What is Reinforced Render System?

Our Reinforced Render System is a high performance polymer render which is applied to your homes exterior. The basecoat is then reinforced with a fiberglass mesh covering 100% of the area and pinned to the substrate. This reinforced system can then be covered with a choice of specialist render of your choice, with a huge range of colours to choose from.

Benefits of a Reinforced Render System.

Protects the fabric of your home

This System protects your homes structure and improves the weatherproofing. The finished render is durable and breathable so you won’t have issues with damp either.

Improves the appearance of your home

We have a wide range of finishes available making it possible to mimic the existing façade of your home or to completely re-model it using any of our aggregate or textured finishes to our brick and more complex décor profiles.

Fully Reinforced

100% of the rendered area is reinforced with a fiberglass mesh, extra reinforcement patches are added to all the weak/ stress point i.e corners of windows doors.

Pinned / Anchored to the substrate

The reinforced render and mesh is pined every 50cm through the render and mesh into the substrate with a 60mm anchored pin. So not only is your render reinforced it’s also fixed to the brick or stone behind.

Polymer / Silicone Render

Polymer modified cementitious base coat applied 4-8mm thick incorporating a plastic coated reinforcing glass fibre mesh. This comes in premixed bags which keeps the quality of the mix consistent throughout all installations (unlike sand and cement).

The silicone topcoat is a high performance grained topcoat. It provides a highly weather resistant finish with enhanced cleansing properties due to a high hydrophobic nature. Supplied in an extensive range of colours.

Machine Applicators

We apply all our silicone topcoat with our render machine EZE24 this gives a perfect finish every time with no swirls or scaffold lines.

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